Death Note Episode 25: Silence

This week’s episode of Death Note is well predicted. Of course, considering that you know the storyline from the manga (what a bunch of spoilers!). Out of respect to those who did not follow up with the manga (which ended already), I’ll try to refrain myself to expose spoilers. Here goes.

The outcome of the 25th episode of Death Note is well determined, judging from the episode’s preview from episode 24. So we know that L is surely die. So what? I am not looking up for those. Instead I’ll be very particular on the other details of the story – how L’s death will precede in this episode. What is certain is that this episode is a lot gloomier than usual. The past few episodes had seen a darker theme. This time, it has a gloomy effect to it, complementing the forthcoming events that will lead to L’s death.

The drawing style is somewhat different than previous ones too. Light is perceived victorious and yet sinister at the same time. L had shown a humbler composure and there is some sense of regret to it. The parody shown this time is the wiping of Light’s foot by L, followed by a massage. Before that, they were soaked in the rain as those two were having a brief chat with each other. The event is somehow compared to the biblical event of the washing of feet by Jesus. This is perceived as the humble gesture in the eve of the betrayal that will follow through. The similar thing would happen to L as Light’s final plan to eliminate L was set to motion.

And finally, the most appealing factor to this episode is the seamless storytelling. It began with flashbacks by L, who apparently starting to become melancholic about his life as though he is sensing his own death. The melancholy start has developed into the climatic one-on-one conversation between L and Light. They were discussing about the human nature of lying and this had hinted that L might be suspecting Light more of being the real mastermind of Kira. Then there’s the washing of feet that indicates the remorseful departure of L as if he has lost a fight against Kira. In that sense, there is no denying that L is fully notice of the real possibility of Light being Kira. And then the disastrous end. As though the final part had been rushed in from the rather slow-paced beginning, Watari was the first one to go and this has been followed by L. It was supposed to be sad (well, it did) but when Light gave a subtle hint to L that he had won the game at the moment of L facing death, at just a quick juncture L finally confirmed his fear – Light is Kira (as if we did not know that, but I’m saying this on L’s point of view). Too bad he was not able to indicate this to anyone. The final scene shown Light who is Kira grinned in an evil sense of victory.

I guess I might give out quite some of the spoilers already – I’m using those as example to my comments anyway. And so this has to be another favourite episode of mine in Death Note series, after episode 11: Crash. Banzai to Madhouse for the great animation details to this episode. Now this is an unusual irony, I am cheering in the wake of L’s death. Well I do not any emotional attachment to L’s character, his passing is undermining to me. I have to say my favourite character is Light instead. Anyway, condolence to L (whose real name is yet to be revealed even in this last episode of his).

5 Responses to “Death Note Episode 25: Silence”

  1. 1 anominous
    20 March 2008 at 2:49 pm

    I’m glad someone else noticed the reference to the Jesus story as well. This is a great episode; I’ve watched it twice.

  2. 2 T
    23 May 2008 at 12:52 pm

    The reference is moving. I must say that I’m pretty sad that L’s life is over. Near the end I was wishing that L would survive and win because he was good justice, unlike Light’s evil justice. I understand L had to die, but it’s still too bad.

  3. 3 angel of existence
    15 February 2009 at 2:44 pm

    I’m having a hard time believing that L’s death came in this episode. I really like him so much. He’s weird but I love his sense of justice. It was too much of a pain that the GOOD GUY that I may say died. But that’s the truth, evil may sometimes prevail but in the end the real justice will come to step on the bad guys.

  4. 4 someone
    20 March 2009 at 8:21 pm

    mm. Letting the good guy die was definitely an outburst of emotion from viewers/readers. It was weird, because at the time, i was sick of watching all those movies where the good guys one. But i guess the sequence of death note really showed me the truth of what it meant to have the protagonist gone.

    i just want to know though, does the satellite in this episode represent anything? L kept staring at it, and various times did they show all sorts of satellites.

    that is all.

  5. 5 Riwaz tamang Akira
    23 April 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Hey, buddy thanks for the post. Yo! at least i got to learn the unusual last minute behaviour of L before his death. My favourite character is L bt i like the tendency of kira for a better world. What he wished to create was the most beautiful plan ever. We also want the same kind. But he was mislead by his own actions. The supreme power of the deathnote was pretty overwhelming, kira could not stop himself. They say those who use the deathnote will only suffer through misery and pain. I too want to create a world that kira wished to build. Maybe someday, maybe someday!

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