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Archos 5 being reviewed by Archoslounge have posted 2 parts of their review. I will link them below and put the videos for each Part here if you don’t feel like going over to

Archos 5 review – Part 1: Unboxing

Archos 5 review – Part 2: The Design, screen size, quality and the HDMI output

Archos 5 review – Part 3: Browsing

IF you can read in french or don’t mind the weird english from babelfishing every page of the review, here’s a comprehensive review of Archos 5 in french:

Archos 5 : The maximum Test

From the above review, I garner the most important information of all: Playable codecs on the archos 5 (table below), it’s rather comprehensive, Oui = yes, non = no. Looks like H.264 HP is still not supported yet although there might be a glimmer of hope if archos get to work on the firmware since the ARM Cortex processor by Texas Instruments, used in the Archos 5, Archos 5G and Archos 7 is faster then the Intel Atom processor.

There should be many other reviews popping up the wild wild west soon but I’m won’t be updating this anytime soon due to schoolwork and stuff. Don’t even mention anime, KIV-ed series are multiplying like rabbits! So, are you still prepared to shelf out at least US$350 (excluding shipping) for the cheapest 60GB Archos 5 model?


Archos pokes the itouch in 1,2,3,4,9999 places

Just yesterday, Archos released a lineup of its 6-gen portable multimedia players, oh wait, they call it Internet Media Tablets now, which totally made me go ‘woah’. Is this the makeover of PMP to IMT that everyone has been waiting for?

It’s got Wi-Fi, HD video support, web browsing, email, a huge HDD (up to 250GB), and built-in HSPDA 3G connectivity. It’s also got dock connectors, GPS, DVR, video/audio recording and more.To summarise, there’s (From left) Archos 7, Archos 5 and Archos 5G. The main difference between 5 and 5G is that the latter has only 30GB HDD but can have a 3G enabled SIM card plugged in to surf the net on the go. The former have 60,120 and 250 GB versions but requires a USB dongle 3G modem to surf the net unless you have a nearby wifi spot.

All I know is : my cowon A3 still plays mkv and ogm. But these IMT SURE LOOK GORGEOUS. Read on for full specifications.

Poking the itouch
Lucky folks at Generationmp3 fondles it.

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